• Sigalit Landau:
    One Man's Floor is
    Another Man's Feelings

    Exhibition Catalogue, June 2011

  • Exhibition catalogue for Israeli artist Sigalit Landau created for her exhibition in the Israeli pavilion at the 54th Fine Art Biennale in Venice (curators: Jean de Loisy, Ilan Wizgan). The work dealt with the geographic location and the symbolism of the Dead Sea, which appears in many of Landau's previous works.

    The visual narrative of the catalogue takes the reader on a tour through the installation. It consists of the artist's significant projects from her early work corpus. The works are presented in a thematic-chronological order which outlines Landau's career. The articles in the catalogue are in English, French, Arabic and Hebrew. A distinct chapter on the architecture of the Israeli pavilion provides the context for Landau's site-specific installation.

    Completed while working at Studio Noam Schechter.