• DOM: Thoughts
    on Israeli Music

    Magazine, July 2010
    Bezalel School Project
  • Five issues of a printed Israeli music magazine. Each issue refers to an abstract concept in relation to music: Time, Noise, Place, Replication and Temptation. The Hebrew word "DOM" means "silence" and is frequently used in a military context. By using multiple typographic tools, each issue deals in a unique way with its subject and suggests new perspectives to explore the content.

    For example, the "Replication" issue (#4) is created on the blueprint of existing concerts ads. The pages of the "Temptation" issue (#5) are a series of Israeli music-star portraits. Each spread has an article in the front and a glossy poster on the back. The "Place" issue (#3) deals with the multiple identities of Israeli culture, and consists of four mini-magazines bound together, titled: "Foreignness", "Provincial", "Home", "Yearning".

    B.Des Thesis project, Visual Communication Department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. Completed under the guidance of Sheri Arnon.